This is an updated Privacy Policy that is applicable from (01/01/2020) to address and comply with the revised regulations of EU GDPR. Under this regulation, NARD commits to provide you with more precise and transparent consent-based management and security of information.

Data Privacy

At NARD, we strictly follow our own set of internal data privacy and security guidelines along with EU GDPR guidelines.

How We Use Your Data?

  • We only gather that data required for our professional relationship with you
  • Your data is kept private and secure in our back-end layer. It has a single DPO access and entry point only.
  • We process the data that we gather from you only for our own purpose of identification and processing. Its aim is only to help you with the use and implementation of your purchased services.
  • If you agree, we may communicate with you via email.

Here is what we never do with your personal data:

  • We never share it with third-parties
  • We never process it through non-SSL server connections
  • We never resell and monetize your data

If you have any questions relevant to your data that you want to share with us, you can get in touch with our Data Protection officer anytime.

GDPR Compliance

At NARD , we strictly comply with the EU GDPR governing data privacy and security. We explicitly give you the right to exercise control over the following options and delete your data if you want.

  • The right to stay informed
  • Information access right
  • Rectification right
  • Erasure right
  • Restrict processing right
  • Data portability right
  • Right to object

These are all your rights as a customer and you can submit your request to use your rights over your personal data processing. We have given control of cookies to you, our customers and website visitors. Unless you accept it explicitly, we don’t place any additional cookies within your browser.


NARD  uses cookies to a limited extent for your website use and login. When you browse our website, we store cookies i.e. small text files, on your device. We do not use them for sales, marketing, re-targeting, identification or another kind of activities or services. We also don’t use any third-party services that place cookies on your device. You have the right to disable cookies anytime stored on your device, but this may affect the proper functioning of our website. Some cookies information that we use includes the following:

Strict Type: Functional Cookies

By using the server session cookie, we are able to deliver a seamless login and buying experience on the NARD website. We may also use it to store your preferred choice of cookie.

Non-strict Type: Analytical Cookies

If you explicitly accept and opt-in for Google Analytics cookies, we may store them on your device. We don’t use any other kind of tracking or analytical cookies.

Non-Strict Type: Social Networks, Marketing, Re-Targeting and other Cookies

No, we don’t use any such cookies to gather information on our website.

To get more information about cookies and their use, you can search Google or check out Wikipedia.